Trator Cortador de Grama 46 Polegadas 21HP Craftsman (Cod. 28885)


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This 46" Lawn Tractor Has It All
One of the greatest pleasures of summer is sporting a lush green lawn. The dilemma that ensues is getting it to look that way and maintaining it all summer, year after year. Craftsman's 46 inch automatic 21 horse power tractor gives you a solution that delivers pleasure and performance. Experience superior performance through power-packed features and derive pleasure from its ease of use thanks to the automatic transmission that lets you drive it as simply as you’d drive your car.
Cruise along mowing the lawn at speeds ranging up to 5-1/2 with the easy use of a gas pedal. Just like an automobile, pressing down on the pedal makes the tractor move faster thanks to the automatic transmission, so there's no longer any tricky gear shifting while this lawn tractor easily tackles any type of terrain.
Propelled by an efficient Briggs & Stratton® 21 HP* OHV engine, your lawn tractor will get going with more torque, less vibration, longer engine life and improved fuel economy. A massive yet easily manageable 46 inch cutting deck covers large expanses of grass in each pass and offers adjustable cutting heights from 1-1/2 to 4 inches, letting you choose the precise height from the comfort of your seat. Engineered for better traction, weight-distribution and overall performance, you can now climb steeper hills and make turns without skidding, which causes unsightly damage to your grass, and even navigating around landscape obstacles with an impressive tight 18 inch turning radius. Reliable Turf Saver Tires are wider in the back for a safer, smoother ride and reduce trauma to your lawn.
Legendary Craftsman strength and integrity are unmistakable in the mower’s heavy-duty construction. The engineers incorporated robust features like a reinforced steel hood design, rugged 13-gauge channel frame and a cast iron front axle to extend its life and reduce maintenance and deliver the toughness you’d expect from Craftsman. And with all this toughness, what really matters most is the tenderness you'll feel sitting atop the padded adjustable seat. The seat easily slides forward or aft, giving you the perfect fit so you're comfortable and able to enjoy the lawn mower's hard work you no longer have to endure.
Ideal for large yard acreage
Gets your lawn mowing done in considerably less time
Effortless and high-quality way to get a professional looking lawn
Briggs & Stratton® 21 HP* OHV engine delivers more power, longer engine life, and improved fuel economy. Most Reliable Starting (MRS) spark plug delivers a reliable spark every time, spin-on oil filter extends engine life
Automatic foot pedal controlled transmission makes mowing fast and easy. Drives similar to a car
46 in. deck size offers adjustable cutting heights from 1.5 to 4 in. to provide the flexibility and great cutting performance you would expect from a Craftsman® tractor
Includes gauge wheels to minimize lawn scalping and create a more beautiful lawn
Turf Saver Tires prevent skidding and grass damage while making turns
Reinforced steel hood design with resin side ventilators and headlight is unique to Craftsman® tractors
Wider step-thru design eliminates obstructions beneath the steering column for easier access on and off your tractor
Rugged 13-gauge channel frame provides strength and reduces vibration
Cast iron front axle with grease zerks extends life and lowers maintenance
Steel brace locks down fuel tank for maximum stability
Deluxe high-back seat has added padding to make even long rides more comfortable
Seat features auto slide adjustability allows you to easily move the seat forward and backward
13 in. Soft Grip ergonomically designed steering wheel is easy to grip and control and reduces steering wheel vibration
Cup holder for your favorite beverage
Navigate around obstacles and against edges with a tight 18 in. turning radius
Tackle different types of terrain with adjustable speeds that range from 0 to 5.5 MPH
Accepts snow blade #24441
2-year full warranty backed by Sears In Home Service
Limited lifetime warranty on cast iron front axle
Not for sale in California
*As rated by engine manufacturer

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Trator Cortador de Grama 46 Polegadas 21HP Craftsman

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